Finding It Hard To Get Hot Girls? Here Are 10 Tips to Attract Hot Girls

Every guy wants to date a pretty woman, or women. The problem is that most dudes (and some dudettes) are intimidated by beautiful women.

They also have no clue what it really takes to attract them. Pretty women and those gorgeous enough to be labelled as “hot” have tons of options since other fellows hit on them constantly.

So in order to succeed with them, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

However, don’t make a mistake and think that this game is about money, fame or good looks.

It’s about being different.

Here Are 10 Tips To Attract HOT Girls

How To Attract Hot Girls

1. Improve On Your Self Esteem And Confidence.

People with sufficient self respect and esteem are very desirable. You may have even seen for yourself: a man who has these qualities is a magnet for girls.

There are lots of activities that you can engage in to enrich yourself as a person. For starters, you could give a helping hand in the local Homeless Shelter by volunteering.

Alternatively, you could join a dance group and make yourself a maestro in the art. This will help you literally dance your way into the hearts of lots of gorgeous women. Or perhaps you could get into baseball, traveling or learning new instruments.

Whatever it is, you will end up having extra self esteem and meeting new people and making friends in the process.

2. Maintain A Good Personal Hygiene And Appearance.

Do not neglect your personal hygiene or your wardrobe. Why would a girl like you if have no love for yourself?

Things like having a decent deodorant go a long way in making you likeable and presentable among people.

If this sounds hard, try the most basic hygiene thing in the world – taking a shower, brushing and flossing your teeth, wearing clean clothes that do not have holes (or reek of fish) – and that is it.

3. Be A Nice, Amazing, Individual.

Being an amazing person means that you put in some effort to be a decent human being overall.

Regardless of whatever you have heard about ‘Bad Boy’ stereotyping, very few girls really want to date people who act like douchebags.

Moreover, be someone who is knowledgeable in at least a field or two. There are literally thousands of books out there devoted to such interesting things as dinosaurs, deep sea creatures and others. There are also YouTube Channels that do the same.

In addition, if you can manage to be a person full of kindness and that cares about people around you, this is a rare quality indeed.

As rare things go, you will be desirable in many ladies’ eyes (and hearts). In the same vein, take incentives to make something creative out of your free time. Should you manage to get a hobby or a job to make life turn out better for yourself, you are good to go.

4. Developing A Proper Approach

Being a gentleman enough to approach her is a plus for you. Research in psychology has shown that people who approach others as if they already know them have greater success at establishing conversations and hitting it up together.

The trick lies in being simple. Make it seem as though she were a friend who you had not seen for ages.

Change the mindset that you use for approaching. Be ready to adapt at any moment and have some idea of what to talk about, depending on how much you know the person.

Don’t get caught up with an approach that has always failed you. Improvise.

5. Making a Conversation With the Object of Your Affection

To start you off, think of something simple and build on it. Even the most socially awkward of us can create conversations if we are given a chance to talk about something comfortable to us.

As you get to spend more time together, look for ways to introduce jokes in otherwise uninteresting topics.

If you are lucky, you may get together with a girl who likes to talk a lot. If you are a good listener, congratulations mate, you are the champion.

6. Be Honest

Remember all those lessons about being yourself?

Now its your time to shine.

Be honest about your identity; women will pick up on this. It is much better than pretending to be someone you are not – and humbling, really.

7. Show Self Control

Hot girls do not like a lack of control.

So, when a hot girl walks by, do not start bouncing off of the wall hoping to grab all of her attention. A lack of self control drives most people away.

8. Make Eye Contact.

Give the girl some eye contact; don’t be shy. The worst that can happen is she turns around.

But hot girls enjoy the attention, very much so. When she walks by, give her a glance. Although again, just make sure you do not go overboard and start staring and being creepy.

9. Show Genuine Interest

Is it possible to ask her out?

Yes it is! The best thing about speaking up is that it opens up doors to places you never knew you might reach.

If you have known this hot chick for some time, try asking her out. Tell her what you feel about her. This will let you know if she really is a human being or an alien from Alpha Centauri.

But seriously, if she is human – well, who knows?

Maybe she will say yes to that date.

From there, you may go ahead and let her know about your feelings for her. If she is an alien, perhaps she may tell you that she has a boyfriend.

Perhaps she will say that she is currently ‘emotionally unavailable‘, whatever that means. Maybe that will be a cover story – the front to her alien mission to earth. Or not.

What will count is that you have asked her out and established if she is okay with that.

10. Don’t Be A Creeper.

Seriously. Do not give her a long stare, only to avoid eye contact after catching her eye.

Do not circle around her like a vulture only to go away not having spoken a word to her. Similarly, even if it is so tempting that it hurts, do not let her catch you staring at some parts of her anatomy.

She is not a piece of meat.

Pick -up lines are a no- no.

They make you look cheap in her eyes. Do not even think of making some outlandish sexual advances – yet you barely know her. You might end up being charged with sexual harassment and making her day worse.

Don’t you think that she gets those a lot? Do you want to end up like the last guy she ditched?