Plexaderm Reviews ~ Can You Really Eliminate Eye-bags And Wrinkles In 10 Minutes?

If you are an avid follower of health TV channels and social media handles, chances are that you already know what Plexaderm is.

The kind of hype that this product has generated is second to none. Their TV programs and adverts usually feature models with visible eye bags. What surprises many is that those eye bags seem to disappear immediately after application of the Plexaderm serum.

After all, which woman doesn’t want a flawless and ageless skin?

Can you imagine just rubbing a little serum on your face and have all your wrinkles and blemishes disappear within minutes? That would be fantastic right? Well, that’s what you’d be led to believe after seeing those TV commercials.

However, that’s as far as live TV can go.

We have heard of cases where paid programs hyped underwhelming products at the peril of innocent viewers who believed the unbelievable.

We are not saying that this is what the creators of the Plexaderm brand is doing. That is why want to get to the bottom of this product to clear up any misconceptions and give you the 100% truth so that you can decide for yourself if this it is worth your time.

So the following question arise:

  • Does Plexaderm really work or is it just another hoax?
  • Are there credible Plexaderm review articles to support the manufacturer’s claims?
  • Should you give this wrinkle cream your attention of look the other way?


Plexaderm Reviews – A Closer Look At What This Product Is All About

What Is Plexaderm


Plexaderm is a serum or what is generally known as skincare cream. One of the outstanding messages that it’s marketers push is that it works within just minutes of application.

The manufacturer however fails to give a detailed guide as to how this anti-aging product works. Many leading cosmetics companies are known to go to great lengths just to explain these important aspects of their products. Some even provide detailed graphics and visualizations.

The creator of this famed product ‘Plexaderm’ however seems to rely more on before and after messages, as well as demonstrations from own models on TV stations.

Taking a closer look at its mechanism of operation, we note that the way it works could have something to do with silicate ingredients. Silicates are minerals obtained from rocks. They are nothing new in the skin care world; in fact, they have been used for many years by dermatologists.

Once you apply Plexaderm into your skin, the cream immediately begins to dry. This forms a thin film on the outer-most layer of your skin which then tightens things up. This can, to some extent, explain the near magical disappearance of eye bags after Plexaderm is applied.

Plexaderm goes a step further and maintains that you don’t have to go to great lengths to have a youthful looking skin because as some reviewers put it “the cream will do the job for you.”

It’s a fact that aging is a part of life. And as we age, wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines become an issue. This product seems to aim at fulfilling the need to keep the skin looking young without the need for injections or surgeries.

A further claim added to make even more sales is that the cream can help you achieve professional quality results from your home. Now that sounds like a tall claim that needs to be verified. Perhaps a closer look at some Plexaderm ingredients will help us understand if this potion is just another overrated gimmick.

A Look At Some Plexaderm Ingredients

Sodium Silicate

This is an inorganic salt that is quite common in cosmetic products. Its main role is to enhance pH balance and prevent general wear of skin cells. This ingredient, though inorganic, is generally considered safe.

Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

This is a natural element that is obtained from clay. It is mainly used to thicken the product and to improve its stickiness. Used in small amounts, it is generally safe.

Iron Oxide (CI 77489)

This is yet another inorganic ingredient that seems to do the magic in Plexaderm. Its job is to enhance absorption of other useful ingredients in the formula. It also comes in handy as a colorant which is in addition to the fact that it creates reflective effects.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is a natural agent that is known for its exceptional abilities to moisturize the skin. Hylauronic Acid is probably the game-changer if this skin cream because besides restoring water content in your skin cells, it heals damaged parts of the skin as well.

Another thing is that it enhances your skin elasticity and restores youthfulness by filling gaps between elastic and collagen.


This is an alcohol-based ingredient that is sometimes found in fragrances. Used excessively, it can cause an irritation. But used in small quantities, it works effectively as a germicide and preservative.


This natural preservative plays an important role in conditioning the skin. Although it is generally considered safe, it can cause irritation in some individuals.

What Are Different Plexaderm Reviews Say About The Product?

Opinion about this product are somewhat mixed and it gets even difficult to reconcile facts given the company solely relies on before and after photos to market. While the photos look stunning, there is need for the manufacturer to tone down on the hype and focus on communicating tangible information.

Already there are some reviewers who have complained about skin irritation that borders on a stinging sensation. This could be due to the presence of silicates which are alkaline in nature.

The product’s packaging is also not at its best. Their current dispenser is quite uneconomical as you end up using more quantity than necessary. This could be a strategy by the company to ensure people keep buying more often. That’s just an opinion though – but we genuinely think they should do something about this. Using a tube dispenser would solve this issue.

Another qualm with this cream is that it tends to leave a film on your skin. While this film is meant to tighten your skin and firm it up, it tends to leave a whitish appearance which is a turn off to many people.

Surprisingly despite the sheer number of flaws, this product still seems to attract high ratings from its customers. How you may ask?

Well, the answer is really simple – because it works.

Tish V said “It reduced bags from under my eyes, just as it said it would.”

Leah W said “I am not sure the product made me happy but at the present time I am fully satisfied with the product.”

Lisa R said “It minimizes puffiness.”

Ron B “It works for a few hours. Unfortunately the supply did not last as long as I anticipated.”


The Final Verdict On Plexaderm

The instant effects of Plexaderm may sound like an over-statement, however if you look at it closely, you might realize that there is something unique about this product.

What it lacks in terms of packaging it compensates in effectiveness. So, even though the product is not all that good as some one-sided Plexaderm review postings may want you to believe, it’s actually worthy of your time and money.

Try Now

Plexaderm may work to some extent but we believe there are better skin care products on the market.