TrackR Bravo Reviews – Can You Really Track Your Belongings With This Bluetooth Tracking Device?

TrackR ReviewsQUICK QUESTION: Have you ever lost an item in your house or office only to later realize that it was hidden somewhere so conspicuous yet so difficult to figure out?

We all have gone through such situations in one way or another. In fact, let me share something really funny with you.

I remember once my aunt and I were in Walgreen’s picking up some stuff and she started fussing that she couldn’t find her glasses.

Guess where they were?

She was actually wearing them. Funny right?

Well I shared that scenario just to let you know that from time to time we all misplace things and sometimes they are literally in front of our eyes yet we can’t find them.

If only we could press a button and magically know exactly where the item is placed we would be fine and dandy.

Oh wait….

There’s such a solution.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to worry about losing your keys, toys, wallet or even phone anymore.

Enter TrackR Bravo, a simple device that tracks down the whereabouts of all your tiny devices helping you locate them in minutes if not seconds.

It’s a tiny unit that can comfortably fit inside any bag that carries personal items and it works through your SmartPhone.

  • But how exactly does it work?
  • Is it as effective as most TrackR review articles claim?
  • What are some of the pros and cons?
  • And should you consider trying this GPS tracker?

We take a closer look at the TrackR Bravo features, the pros and cons and much more. This is a 100% UNBIASED review with the sole objective of helping you to make an informed decision if this tracking device is right for you.

Trackr Bravo Product Review

Measuring 31 mm in diameter and 3.5 mm thick, the TrackR Bravo is a compact tracking device that can comfortably fit in a camera bag, purse or wallet.

It is coin-sized and circular in shape with a small loop at the top to allow the user to attach it to a key-ring for fastening to pet collars, keys, wallet and more.

It also has a colorful anodized aluminum housing, which means it should hold-up very well in most typical situations.

It is powered by a single replaceable CR1620 Battery which should last up to one year of normal use. In addition, TrackR Bravo boasts an app for both Android smartphones and iPhones with built in Bluetooth 4.0 and is available in black, standard silver, rose gold, and blue color options.

Who Is The Trackr Bravo Tracking Device Recommended For?

If you often misplace small items such as wallets, cameras and keys within your home, this tracking device can be a useful gadget. It is also very useful when it comes to preventing you from forgetting important items when leaving a bar, home, restaurants or other places.

How Does TrackR Bravo Work?

The video below will give you an overview of how this mobile app tracking device works:


TrackR Bravo device usually works in conjunction with the TrackR app, which can easily be downloaded from the App Store for free.

Having downloaded the app, you will need to register for a TrackR account within the app and then activate it by selecting “Add New Device” and then pressing the Bluetooth activation button on the TrackR.

Trackr Bravo App

To be in a position to continually track items, you will need to turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth and ensure the app is running in the background.

Within the TrackR app is a map that usually displays the location of TrackR Bravo and a distance range that enables you know how far away the lost item is as well as a button that normally activates a sound to allow you find the item in a matter of few seconds.

Unfortunately, the sound is not very loud so you’ll need to be very close to the TrackR to hear the sound.

Some Of The Features Of This GPS Tracking Device

Trackr Bravo


* Wallet Thin Design

TrackR is about the size of a credit card as it is ultra thin and made of plastic hence can easily slip inside any wallet. You can also clip it onto a back-pack or even a pet’s collar- just anything that you may want to track.

It also includes a basic metal ring that allows you to attach it to just about any fastener or hook.

* Item Ringer and Phone Finder

Whenever you fail to locate your items, you can just tap a button on the tracking device and it will ring your lost phone or keys so you can easily locate them.

The phone finder on the other hand allows you to locate your phone even if your iPhone has been set to silent mode. This makes this device one of the very few third party iOS apps which can actually over-ride the silent switch.

* Crowd GPS

This feature is designed to help you find lost items that are out of Bluetooth range but using someone else’s phone who have installed the TrackR app. This means whenever you are completely out of Bluetooth range, in case another TrackR user happens to come within 100-feet of your item, you will receive an alert of its approximate location.

However, for this feature to be very effective, it requires a large number of TrackR users. Fortunately, this issue has been addressed as the company recently released around 100, 000 of TrackR devices to the public.

This means if you live in more densely populated areas such as big cities, you’re more likely to have best of luck when tapping the crowd for locating lost items.

On the other hand, this feature is designed to be secure and anonymous so TrackR only appears to other TrackR users only if it is lost that is, when not connected to its paired device.

Therefore, if your TrackR is connected to its paired device, other TrackR users won’t receive any notifications.

In addition, TrackR users will not also be aware that their devices are actually reporting on other TrackR devices thereby making this tracking device very safe.

*Separation Alert

This is perhaps one of the most useful features of this tracking device since it can always be used to ensure you do not leave the house without a very important item.

It works by notifying you before you leave items behind so if you happen to forget your TrackR attached keys, your phone will ring once you travel out of range and the keys will sound off if you leave your phone behind.

In addition, the TrackR app allows you to configure the settings of this feature in two ways; either the TrackR can beep once it’s separated from the phone or your phone can actually ring when it moves away from the tracking device. You can also custom alert sounds for each device.

*Distance Indicator

Finding keys, phones or wallets have never been easier. TrackR Bravo app incorporates a distance indicator which gives you an idea of how far or close you are from the item. Therefore, even if you cannot hear it beeping away, you will definitely know whether you are either cold or hot.

Click ‘Play’ – How To Track Your Car With Trackr


 TrackR Review – Other Accessories

TrackR boasts three uniquely designed accessories that allows you to track even more items at once. These accessories include a metal carabiner, pet collar attachment and water resistant case starting at 9.99 dollars only.

* Water Resistant Case

For people with more active lifestyles that may involve water sports, they can also keep track of their things.

So whether you are at the beach, at the water pack, at the lake or by the pools, you can use your TrackR device without worrying that it might be damaged once it comes in contact with water.

Metal Carabiner* Metal Carabiner

Although TrackR comes with a basic metal ring for attachment, you can choose to buy this durable metal carabiner for added convenience.

This metal carabiner allows you to attach your TrackR device one almost all items including a water bottle and a purse.

* Pet Collar Attachment

This accessory is water resistant and helps you prevent your pets from ever getting lost again by having them tracked in a single app. It is safe and easily attaches to any pet’s collar making it a good investment.

The Pros And Cons Of Using The Trackr Bravo Device

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around because of its compact design. This allows you to carry it just anywhere.
  • its replaceable battery means you don’t need to worry about losing something right before the battery dies.
  • It is simple to use and helps you track your phone and other items easily.
  • Can be attached to nearly everything thanks to its key-ring friendly design.
  • You can have your TrackR device individually laser-etched to display a simple and short message.
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and Later with Bluetooth Low Energy as well as with devices with iOS 8 and up.
  • Boasts a decent ringer volume of up-to 85 dB.
  • Durable construction hence guaranteed to last you long.
  • Poor Bluetooth range – Although advertised as 100 ft range, most users have found the available range to be much less than that. Fortunately, it does show the last known location of the item but if the item was stolen and moved from its last known location, this information may prove useless.
  • Sometimes the location feature may show you incorrect results – The app may show your item as being several meters away when it is in the same room you are.
  • At times it may also take awhile to pair back up the devices when a connection is broken thereby making it take longer to locate lost belongings.

Trackr Bravo Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Have to Say About TrackR?

TrackR Customer Reviews

TrackR review track record is fairly evenly mixed. Among those who were pleased with this track device, the most common compliments cited that it is easy to pair, set up and works as advertised.

However, some users reported of so many alerts that forced them to turn the separate alert feature off when near a known Wi-Fi network like in the office or at home because of the constant alerts even when their phones were only a couple feet away from the device.

Overall Verdict On The Trackr Bravo Tracking Device

TrackR Bravo is such a handy device especially if you consider the hassles we go through whenever we lose those tiny but all-important items. By weighing its pros vs cons, it is clear that this can be a life-saver. Safe for a few issues like low Bluetooth range this device is certainly worth every penny.

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